How much do you charge?

We work by an hourly basis and we also have day session rates.
Like all tattoos they vary from client to client but after a consultation we can give you a rough estimate on how long and much it will cost for your tattoo.


deposits and Deposit refunds?

We require a minimum of $50 deposit for each booking, If you have a booking and can't make it we will need a minimum of 24 hours notice or the deposit will not be refunded.


Can I get more than one tattoo for the minimum price?

Yes you can
Our minimum charge gives each client an hour to work with, so that means depending on the design and tattoos you can get multiple SMALL tattoos.


How old do I have to be?

We will NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 16 even with parental consent. 
People ages 16-17 must have parental consent and be present to sign the consent form with ID
We do ask for ID so please bring it with you


Are family/friends allowed to come watch the tattoo?

Its totally fine for 1 or 2 people to come with you, its always nice to have some support but too many people can sometimes distract our artists as they need to focus on what they need to do.


How can I pay?

We accept cash and offer LAYBUY, Eftpos/Debit cards, Credit cards with a 3% surcharge.


How does LAYBUY work?

LAYBUY offers a payment plan over 6 weeks you will pay 6 equal payments. Payments will vary depending on how big the tattoo is.
First we will sort out a consultation with you to go over what your wanting so we can give you a quote. We require a deposit as per every booking so you can either:

- prepay the entire tattoo using LAYBUY at the time of your booking, you will not need to pay a deposit if you chose this way. 
If you chose this option you and you can not change your appointment. If you do need to change your appointment you must contact us as we need 24 hours notice.


- pay the initial deposit when you book in and pay use LAYBUY at the start of your session.
If you cannot sit your entire session we will allocate more time after your tattoo has healed which would be approximately 10-20 days


For more info on LAYBUY please click here.


What aftercare should i use for healing?

There are a few on the market that we recommend.
1.Hustle Butter 2.Lucas paw paw (Generally only for small-medium sized tattoos)