Piri Hoani noticed his passion for art in his last years of high school studying art and graphic design. After finishing high school he put his graphic design skills on hold and moved on to his next artform; mahi whakairo, Maori wood carving at Te Wananga O Aotearoa, a Maori Institution in Rotorua.

Studying the arts of Maori carving he unknowingly developed his style for Tamoko (Maori Tattoo) which would soon come path a lifestyle. After a year of studying Maori carving Piri then moved back to his hometown Christchurch where he started his tattoo career.

A few years later he had an apprenticeship under his belt and a foundation set for his Tamoko style along with other styles of tattoo such as Lettering, Pointillism and Mandala etc. After 2 years of professional tattooing with Zealand Tattoo he decided to join the crew at Laneways tattoo studio and pursue his passion of tattooing.