Growing up Victor was always stuck with his head in a book, a sketch pad or the clouds.

He has a life long passion for Art and describes himself as an Artist first, who works in the the medium of Tattoos. His custom work is informed by his many interests. “I grew up learning to draw from Tin-tin, Spawn comics, Illicit clothing catalogues, 60s Playboys magazines and my Mother's tattered Meat-loaf record covers. I love creating a mood or a sense of story behind my work, like my Art is a snapshot of a bigger story going on behind it”.

His chosen style is predominantly Neo-Traditional, mixing Pin-ups, Art Nouveau and his aforementioned love of comics to create custom one of pieces of art for his Clients. “As much as this is my art, I love being a part of someone elses Tattoo journey, each person, each tattoo is unique and complex in reason or execution. I enjoy creating something special for my clients, tattooing it, then letting it go, I no longer have ownership over it then, its theirs. That's what I love about Tattooing and what makes it a totally unique art form and experience for the client and certainly for me.”